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Testimonial - Parent

Hello, I just wanted to thank John and the rest of the coaching staff for making my son Jack's first few weeks at Iowa Style GREAT !! We are from the Newtown Youth Wrestling program and Jack decided he wanted to wrestle all year. So my husband checked out a few places and we decided on Iowa style. He has been doing so great, learning so much and he LOVES the coaches. There is No ONE complaining they don't want to wrestle him, IN FACT, kids want to wrestle him. I feel that Jack has grown so much already as a wrestler in just a few short weeks.

Jack was very worried he would miss his friends,but honestly loves wrestling there so much I don't think it bothers him!!! He's a tough kid and is often overlooked for the "better" kids. I love that I don't see that here.

I just wanted to say thank you..

Jennifer Wendel

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