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Testimonial - Eric Semenetz


This past Saturday I finally got the chance to see Garrett wrestle since he started your program. I was impressed with his tremendous progress and can see the benefits of being part of your club. I appreciate all you have done for him and I am excited to watch him develop into a good wrestler this season.

I do recall vividly his first "trial" practice where I watched him get his tail kicked for 2 hours thinking, "he won't join." But that is what makes him and those other kids special as they accept the challenge so they can get better. This will serve them well in their live.

Feel free to use my words as a testimonial however you like. If you need any other specific endorsements just let me know. If it helps, you can let people know I was a Mahopac Youth Wrestling Coach for 10 years.


Eric C. Semenetz

GiantKids, President & Founder

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