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Similar to the Elite Practice but at a slower pace. We don't teach different things but we unroll the skills and techniques at a slower more instructional pace. The Elite team is where you will execute these skills at a live pace drilling or doing combat. The HS CLUB is for the athlete who wants the skills .But haven't mastered them enough to do them at a live pace.

  • Technique Instruction: Basic foundational positions. Wrestling is more

about positions than moves. Understand positioning and technique

naturally follows.

  • Deep Practice Drilling: Repetition builds recall. Being able to not

think but feel openings is paramount to high level success.

  • Live Wrestling: Wrestling situations and match simulation build

needed experience. Also the condition gained from going live is like noA

  • Sports Science/ Psychological/ Analysis: Introductions to the

mental preparation, nutrition, physical fitness, goal setting, and the

importance of getting a great education in school are all discussed

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