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The Elite team offers the highest level of training. The Elite team travels all over the country competing and seeking out the highest level to test and re-evaluate so we can make the greatest gains in the least amount of time. We use video analysis and bring in college and post grad workout partners to push the athletes to greater and great levels in the sport both mentally and physically. We have helped many student-athletes gain access to colleges that would have been out of reach without leveraging wrestling as an asset. We are heavily involved in the recruiting process and help student-athletes make the biggest decision of their young lives.

  • Technique instruction: Not clinic moves but technique used in every national final, real proven techniques

  • Deep practice Drilling: By practicing right at the edge of your ability, you develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities that the average person never acquires.

  • Live Wrestling: Pushing yourself to new limits is critical to reach higher levels.

  • Competition: Evaluate and build on both successes and weaknesses.

  • Video Analysis of matches and getting out in front of college coaches.

  • Sports science/ psychological /analysis: Discussions covering

  • Mental preparation, peaking, nutrition, strength training, goal setting,

  • Earning a college scholarship and more.

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